Source is located in the generic, which we’ll describe here.

Crudlfa+ generic views and mixins.

Crudlfa+ takes views further than Django and are expected to:

  • generate their URL definitions and reversions,
  • check if a user has permission for an object,
  • declare the names of the navigation menus they belong to.
class crudlfap.views.generic.CreateView(**kwargs)[source]

View to create a model object.

class crudlfap.views.generic.DefaultTemplateMixin[source]

Override for get_template_names to append default_template_name.

This allows to configure “last resort” templates for each class, and thus to provide a working CRUD out of the box.


Give a chance to default_template_name.


Return text for page heading.


Return text for HTML title tag.

Return title attribute for links to this view.


Return title for menu links to this view.

class crudlfap.views.generic.DeleteAction[source]

View to delete a model object.

class crudlfap.views.generic.DeleteView(**kwargs)[source]
class crudlfap.views.generic.DetailView(**kwargs)[source]

Templated model object detail view which takes a field option.

get_context_data(*a, **k)[source]

Insert the single object into the context dict.

classmethod get_urlpath()[source]

Identify the object by slug or pk in the pattern.

class crudlfap.views.generic.FormView(**kwargs)[source]

Base FormView class.

class crudlfap.views.generic.FormViewMixin[source]

Mixin for views which have a Form.

class crudlfap.views.generic.HistoryView(**kwargs)[source]
class crudlfap.views.generic.ListDeleteView(**kwargs)[source]
class crudlfap.views.generic.ModelFormView(**kwargs)[source]
class crudlfap.views.generic.ModelFormViewMixin[source]

ModelForm ViewMixin using readable


Add the detail url for form.instance, if possible.

class crudlfap.views.generic.ModelViewMixin[source]

Mixin for views using a Model class but no instance.


Return router.get_queryset() by default, otherwise super().

class crudlfap.views.generic.ObjectFormView(**kwargs)[source]

Custom form view on an object.

class crudlfap.views.generic.ObjectFormViewMixin[source]

Custom form view mixin on an object.

class crudlfap.views.generic.ObjectMixin[source]

Make self.object call and cache self.get_object() automatically.


However, if it has a router with the get_object() method, use it.


Return router.get_object() by default, otherwise super().


Return the object, uses get_object() if necessary.


Return the object, uses get_object() if necessary.


Set self.object attribute.

class crudlfap.views.generic.ObjectView(**kwargs)[source]
class crudlfap.views.generic.ObjectViewMixin[source]

Mixin for views using a Model instance.


Replace Django’s get_slug_field with get_url_field.


Return list with object’s urlfield attribute.

classmethod get_urlpath()[source]

Identify the object by slug or pk in the pattern.


Replace Django’s slug_url_kwarg with get_url_field.

classmethod to_url_args(*args)[source]

Return first arg’s url_field attribute.

class crudlfap.views.generic.TemplateView(**kwargs)[source]

TemplateView for CRUDLFA+.

class crudlfap.views.generic.UpdateView(**kwargs)[source]

Model update view.

class crudlfap.views.generic.View(**kwargs)[source]

Base view for CRUDLFA+.

class crudlfap.views.generic.ViewMixin[source]

Base View mixin for CRUDLFA+.

If you have any question about style then find your answers in DefaultTemplateMixin, otherwise in RoutableViewMixin.