Install CRUDLFA+ module

This section concerns This package can be installed from PyPi by running:

Installing from PyPi

If you are just getting started with CRUDLFA+, it is recommended that you start by installing the latest version from the Python Package Index (PyPi). To install CRUDLFA+ from PyPi using pip run the following command in your terminal.

pip install crudlfap

If you are not in a virtualenv_, the above will fail if not executed as root, in this case use install --user:

pip install --user crudlfap

With development packages

If you intend to run the crudlfap dev command, then you should have the development dependencies by adding [dev]:

pip install (--user) crudlfap[dev]

Then, you should see the example project running on port 8000 with command:

crudlfap dev

Installing from GitHub

You can install the latest current trunk of crudlfap directly from GitHub using pip.

pip install --user -e git+git://[dev]


[dev], --user, @master are all optionnal above.

Installing from source

  1. Download a copy of the code from GitHub. You may need to install git.
git clone
  1. Install the code you have just downloaded using pip, assuming your current working directory has not changed since the previous command it could be:

    pip install -e ./crudlfap[dev]

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